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The Online Games module is powerful tool to create your own gaming portal.

All games were selected carefully. You need not to worry about the quality of games on your site.

Another great feature of the module is the possibility of automatic update with new games. New games will appear on your site when we find a new one. So your game portal will be constantly updated. But you can control automatic updating by means of simple choice of this feature.

Let's look how easily this module can be used.

For example, I create a new website and activate the Online Games module for it.

At I create a new website and choose its name -

uCoz has a lot of templates for gaming sites. I choose one of them.

The installation site wizard helps me to choose the necessary modules for the site.

Admin panel contains ''Inactive'' tab with the list of available modules. One of them is '''Online Games'''.

During the installation process I can select the necessary mode.

Online Games module is customizable like other modules.

That's it - I have a new online game site.

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